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Since 1957, the Gerish family name has garnered a reputation for excellence in quality, integrity, value and service in residential construction. It is a reputation that Arthur and his son, David Gerish, take great pride in. The communities offered by the Gerish Companies — Gerish Building Company and Gerish Construction Company — reflect long-standing traditions of expert workmanship, thoughtful design and personalized customer attention in each home or condominium they build.

“We build an affordable home product that maintains a high-end quality,” affirms Art Gerish. “We are accessible for our customers and stress a hands-on building approach. The quality we provide to our customers is in the level of materials we select and in the craftsmanship of our trades. Several of our trades have been with us for many years; some are in their third generation of leadership since they started with us. Their work is of custom-home caliber. Our prices are also extremely competitive. That combination delivers the value to customers that translates into success in any endeavor, from building cars to building homes.”

Dave realized early on that building homes would become his profession. When he wasn’t in school, chances are he was on the building site helping his father. He attended Ferris State and, while earning a degree in building construction technology, he spent summers working for Gerish Building’s carpentry contractor. He notes, “When I graduated in 1985, I became a superintendent for my father’s company. I had the opportunity to learn the craft of home building from the ground up, experiencing the business both on site and in the office.”

Dave’s dedication and enthusiasm, combined with his father’s experience, created a dynamic father-and-son building team. In 1990, he founded Gerish Construction Company and, working in conjunction with his father’s organization, began developing land as well as building homes. The team created memorable homes and condominiums in highly regarded developments such as Ridgewood Hills in Plymouth, Crestwood Manor in Northville, The Hamlet in Farmington Hills, Copper Creek Condominiums in Farmington Hills, Cornerstone,Southgate Meadows and Southampton in Southgate and Twin Oaks in Woodhaven.

Gerish Constructions Company’s most recent development is Prairie Creek Village, located on King Road just east of Telegraph Road in Brownstown Township. Offering 249 single-family homes, ranging from 1,685 to 2,590 square feet, Prairie Creek Village features open areas, woodlands and a beautiful pond, and has a walking/biking trail meandering through the neighborhood. Prairie Creek Village is situated at the heart of the Downriver area, with easy access to several expressways, nearby shopping, and is served by the highly respected Woodhaven School District.

Dave comments, “We also have a single-family home development in the Trenton are that is scheduled to open in 2003 and are planning another new community in the Brownstown area within the next few years. My father built homes in the Downriver area for 25 years, so he is very familiar with the stability of this community and the value and pride people place in their homes.”

The exceptional care and attention evident in the workmanship and detail of a Gerish Construction Company home begins as each design unfolds. The company utilizes the services of local architectural firms specializing in residential design to create unique floor plans and elevations designed to meet the needs and aspirations of their home buyers.

Art states, “When we meet with a customer, we sit down with them and develop a wish list for their new home. We help them price the home in accordance with their desires and budget. We are also willing to modify our plans to suit their needs. If they want to make a floor plan larger or expand a certain area, we will do that if possible. A home is major investment for the home buyer, and we work hard to ensure they are satisfied with our company before, during and after their home is built.”

As a second-generation builder, Gerish Construction Company combines the experience and tradition Art Gerish established five decades ago with Dave’s hands-on knowledge and dedication to preserving the firm’s highly regarded reputation. Art states, “I began working in construction in 1949. You have to like what you do to put that much time into it. Although my involvement has slowed down, I haven’t been able to retire. There’s something that keeps drawing me back to the office.” He smiles, “While Dave runs his own operation, sometimes he still asks me for advice.”

Dave adds, “I was born to be a builder, and my father has been my mentor. Our trades and our staff share the experience Gerish Building Company established over the years. The knowledge my father has taught to me is knowledge I am passing on to the people who work for me.”

Builder/Architect Magazine congratulates Arthur and David Gerish, and all of the associates of Gerish Construction Company, for being selected as our feature builder. We wish them continued success.

By James C. Akans
© Centennial Publications, Inc.

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